Compact size – Big impact

The Activity Board combines a variety of games, activities and movement tasks in a minimum of space. And it inspires everyone with its versatility. The steps (taps) are counted with the help of embedded sensors in the base plate, visualized on the screen and displayed for easy comparison. The Activity Board draws the audience's attention to your company in a playful way and effectively communicates your messages. Try it out and exercise both your body and mind!
The Activity Board is available for sale or rent.

The key data

Activityboard Eventmodul

Think big - even though it´s small...

The special feature of the Activity Board is its tiny footprint – with maximum attention-grabbing effect and maximum impact!



Height approx. 1.60 m
Width approx. 0.90 m
Length approx. 1.70 m (incl. board)

Space requirement: 2.00 m x 1.00 m / 2.40 m height




Technical equipment

The Activity Board consists of:

  • Board with five sensitive sensors
    • Pillar-mounted screen for control and display with different
    branding possibilities




  • Level ground
    • 230 V power supply
    • Ceiling height of at least 2.40 (3.00 m for high jump)
    • Canopy (tent) for outdoor events


Possible applications


The Activity Board brings action and sports to your exhibition area or sales floor.

Trade fair/POS

The Activity Board is an ideal eye-catcher to motivate your visitors.


For health awareness events or use as training equipment – participants love the Activity Board.


The perfect module to address body and mind at the same time – and it's also a lot of fun

The game variations

High Jump
Reaction Training
Sequence Training
Arithmetic Training

For nimble feet


In tapping, each step (tap) is recorded and counted by the sensors in the base plate.

The "tapping time" can be set as desired.

The participants' results are displayed on the screen in real time.

High Higher -> High Jump!


Participants jump off the base plate with both legs, and the module measures the height of the jump.

The result is displayed graphically on the screen.

Combines reaction with coordination


The reaction training game improves participants' reaction and coordination.

Players "tap" as many targets as possible with their feet in a given period of time.

The results are displayed on the screen.


Attention, please!


Players are challenged to correctly "tap" various patterns and sequences of movement.

The module records correct sequences as well as errors.

The results are displayed on the screen.

It´s all in your head


The mathematical tasks displayed above the screen must be solved with the aid of the base plates.

The time is measured and errors are recorded.

A similar spelling game using letters of the alphabet is also available.


Present your brand in the perfect light!

The Activity Board pillar consists of eight fields/areas that can be individually designed/branded.
The choice is up to you. We would be happy to show you the possibilities in more detail in a personal conversation.

The shape of the pillar can be customized upon request.

Feel free to ask us about it!


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